Facebook Ads. Everyone is talking about them, and I have heard people talking about them for a long time. I ran a Facebook ad about a year and a half ago, and nothing crazy happened, and I haven’t messed with them since.

For the longest time I have felt like I have been looking up at a roof top and I see a crazy, awesome Facebook Ads party that everyone and the mom is having a blast at. I want to be at the party, but I have been spending every day wishing that I had wings so that I could fly up to the top. But, that is not how everyone else got there. Everyone else made it to the top by using the same thing that I have, their legs. There is a staircase inside, and although there are a lot of steps to make it to the top, all I really need to do is start stepping.

So, that is what I am going to start doing. The first “step” that I took today was I created a Facebook Pixel and placed it on our website. If you don’t know what I Facebook Pixel is, it is pretty much straight out of 1984 and it is the spawn of Big Brother himself. A pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website, and then anyone that visits your website you can essentially tag them for when they are on Facebook later. Once they go back to Facebook you can target specific ads to that specific group of people that visited your website. The options on how specific you make the ads are really crazy. You can have it shown only to people that visited your about page AND portfolio page. For example, you could create an audience that looks like this: 27 year-old males, that like the Trailblazer’s Facebook page, and visited the contact us page on your website.

That fact alone is the reason that Facebook is so powerful. They have access to massive amounts of data on all of their users, and as a marketer being given the opportunity to create your target audience so precisely is absolutely incredible, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

The hard part for us right now is trying to decide who are target audience is. We offer a variety of products, and it is difficult to know which products should be our entry level products to get people in the door. I’m sure that every business owner/marketer feels the same way, but our target audience is too broad. I wish that all we had to do was still a water bottle holder for a racing bicycle. It would be really easy to target bike riders that that are 45-55 years old that like Schwinn Bike’s Facebook page.

Either way, the main point is that it is really overwhelming when you start working on projects like this, and the only way to get anywhere is to start moving. We have to start climbing the stairs one step at a time and slowly work our way to the top.

I hope that I can share more information with you on what we learn as we continue to experiment and teach ourselves the ropes of Facebook Ads.