SEO. Search Engine Optimization. It’s the latest craze in the digital marketing world. We have all these people talking about Google, and page rank, and scoring, and meta-tags, directories, backlinks, and content. But, does anyone really know anything about SEO? Better yet, maybe the question should be, CAN anyone really know everything about SEO?

I come from an engineering background, and I have done my fair share of computer programming, and I have also been in the marketing business for several years now, and I have a love/hate relationship with SEO.

Here is the big paradox that I have a problem with:

What is the purpose of SEO?

The reason we have SEO in the first place is because of search engines. Along time ago in 1990 (in a galaxy far, far away…), a college student, Alan Emtage, invented the first search engine, “Archie.” As you can imagine, as website started getting created, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to point out that it was going to be pretty hard to find your way to any website without some sort of directory essentially a table of contents for the internet. The original idea was that it would be similar to an archive that you could go to to find the articles that you were looking for by searching. This idea of creating an archive is where it’s name “Archie” came from. ( The crazy thing is that it is estimated that there are

Since then, a number of other search engines have been developed the most popular in today’s world are Google and Yahoo. The search engines of today are far more complex than the original Archie was. It’s hard to imagine the internet without a search engine. How would we find anything?

So we get that