It’s amazing how much you can get done when you actually focus. Like, I’m talking laser focus. The amount of time I waste everyday is astounding to me. The scary thing is that usually I don’t realize that I am being unproductive, until I have a day like today, where I buckled down and focused.

I spend so much time thinking and debating what I want to do, rather than just executing. I honestly feel like the one thing that is holding me back right now, is focus.

For example, for the last several days I have known that I need to follow-up with dentists that signed up for our email campaign, but rather than just sitting down getting through the phone calls I find excuse after excuse of things that I can fill my time with instead of making the phone calls. I think the reason that I have a lack of focus is more because I dread the task that I need to get done. For example, when you call a list of 20 dentists. You are going to have a number of awkward phone calls, rejections, and possibly even hang-ups. No one likes that. Why would I ever voluntarily put myself through something like that. The last several days I spent more time thinking about how awkward and terrible it was going to be, than it would have taken me to call a hundred dentists.

Today, when I got in the office I told Maggie, today I have been putting this off, but I am going to call the dentists back this morning. What ended up happening? the morning came and when, and all of a sudden we were eating lunch and no phone calls had been made. Then finally, it just came down to me walking into the back room and saying it’s happening now. But, then once I did that I spent another 30 minutes, making sure I had my spreadsheets right and all of the notes laid out in front of me properly so I didn’t make any mistakes. Then, after all of that I started making the phone calls. Two hours and 30 minutes later I had called 22 dentists, and got that evil task of cold calling off of my plate. I could have made that happen much sooner and probably faster if I would have just done it first thing Monday morning.

I firmly believe that the only reason businesses fail is because people are not taking focused action. Action is really important and sometimes you can get away with just action for several years, like our business has since we started, but at a certain point you have to shift and take it into a higher gear of focused and deliberate action. You have to come up with a plan and execute. The thing is that I don’t really think the execution is that hard. Everyone knows what they need to do, the problem is actually doing it. When you do start focusing and taking those action steps, it can be very surprising how quickly things begin to move forward, and you start to scale.