“My success that day, had come from my discipline the day before.”

Scott Olsen

  • Got a degree in economics.
  • Took a job in car sales and quickly became a sales manager.
  • Has a passion for training and empowering his team.
  • Started the Olsen Group to help individuals and corporations succeed.

Scott Olsen, Founder of The Olsen Group


Key Points:

“My dad told me I should be a salesman, because the salespeople happened to be the happiest people on the plane.”
“I do believe there are principles, fundamental principles out there. There is a science, and there is an art. I definitely had to learn the the process. I feel like if you learn the science first you can be more artful.
“It’s like Michael Jordan he was so fundamentally sound as a basketball player, but he could do so much on top of that, but he had very sound fundamentals to build from.”
“That next day, I sold three cars, and it was really exciting, but it was because I was disciplined the day before.
“I was committed to following the sales process and it paid off.”
“In the car business I saw this happen a number of times where the customer would be given an amazing deal, and they would walk away because they didn’t know, the didn’t know what a good deal was. But, they didn’t trust, there was something that they didn’t trust.
“What you ask, how you ask, and when you ask are very important.”
“It is critical that you are accepting to where the customer is coming from, doesn’t mean you have to agree with it, but you have accept and understand it.
“Use all of your senses. Not just what you hear. Use your whole body to really absorb everything. Just like a linebacker that really has to use all of their senses.”

Trust and credibility are affected by your:

  1. Tone of voice.
  2. The speed of which you talk.
  3. Being consistent.
  4. Keeping it Simple.
  5. Huge part are the questions that you ask.
Taylor Johnson Test. A temperament test for couples 

Books Recommendations

George Washington by Ron Chernow
Basic Economics by Thomas Sowel
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt

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