Kai Fleming is a Central Oregon native, and has found a niche in freerunning, tricking, and parkour. On this episode he talks about how he got into freerunning, and how has grown and developed his talent on social media to actually generate some revenue.

Who is Kai Fleming?

Here is a short video that Kai made of his freerunning

Questions covered on this episode:

  1. Who are you?
  2. So how did you get into Free running?
  3. Have you ever had any bad accidents in this?
  4. What do you do for training? How do you work on new difficult moves
  5. Guest Question: “What first got you started and what kept you motivated even when it was dark and hard to do stuff?” – Johnny Kerpan
  6. I would imagine that there are academies or online courses/personalities that you can follow to learn new stuff…
  7. Do you ever make up your own moves or is everything pretty much established?
  8. What kind of opportunity is there in being a professional free runner
  9. Tell me about your instagram strategy for growing and engaging with your audience?
  10. What opportunities are there for people like you to make money because of your instagram following?
  11. You mentioned that you had a vlog for a while.
  12. What’s easier a front flip or backflip?
  13. What’s the most difficult move you have ever done?
  14. What is the ideal body type for someone getting into free running? Is there an ideal?
  15. My wife is a physical therapist and she talks about vestibular system to help with balance. Do you do any exercise to prevent yourself from getting disoriented when flipping?
  16. What is success for you? What is the end game?

Kai Fleming’s Contact:

Kai.Flemingo on Instagram

Kai’s YouTube Channel

Kai’s Snapchat

Kai’s Snapchat