I’ve got bad news, and bad news… which do you want first?

I am constantly surprised by the ups and downs of growing a business. Yesterday I was planning on writing how 2016 was a transformative year for our business. I was very optimistic and I was very confident as we charge ahead. We were in the final stages of hiring a new social media strategist (just waiting to hear from her), and we had a meeting scheduled to go over new timelines with our biggest client. Then within a matter of a few hours, before I went to bed, I got a text from the client say that he wanted to meet privately to “discuss some concerns” that he had and that he was thinking of canceling our agreement. I also received an email from the person we had submitted the job offer to saying she was going to have to decline the job offer at SkEye because of financial reasons. Last night was a miserable night sleep for me. I woke up probably ten times, and my mind was racing all night.

How do we respond to trials?

Now as I sit here this morning, I am trying to be thankful for all that we have, and be open to how God is attempting to work through me in this situation. I believe that we must pursue with great intensity the things that we desire in life. I also believe that God has created everyone with a specific and special purpose in this world. We must diligently return to God every morning in prayer, and ask him how we can be an instrument in the world today. It is a weird concept to fully grasp. When we are prayerful in every moment of our life, it does not mean we are passive, and waiting for God to act in our world. We must act swiftly and intentionally, but with an open mind. We must be listening for how God can utilize the trials, struggles, and stress in our life to bring us closer to him.