I learned something important this weekend. I have been killing this writing challenge (if I do say so myself), and I haven’t missed a day. Then this weekend came and I was asked by Kirsten to write three blog posts about SEO for my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday writing challenges. And what happened. I ended up writing a lot. I wrote over 2000 words in those two days, but nothing is posted online. So technically I did write 500 words each day, but I did not finish or wrap up any of my thoughts in each of those days.

This weekend I realized first hand how when you start working on things that are outside of your area of expertise there is an immediate impact on your drive and motivation. I was having a lot of fun writing and documenting all the different things that I think about (Because, I think about so much. All day, everyday). But, as soon as I was asked to write about something that had just a little bit of friction I slowed down tremendously.

What I am going to attempt to do is just jump back on. Rather than going back and trying to make up for the days that I missed I know that the best and really the only solution to be successful is to just start again. I need to not beat myself up for “failing” or dropping the ball. Process what happened and why, and move forward. In fact, I think that the fact that I ran into this mistake this early on in the writing challenge will enable me to be more successful long term because I know that I need to prioritize my day and tasks so that I always complete the tasks I absolutely have to first, and then then move onto the other tasks.

I think what I am going to take a way from this is that I need to do the writing challenge first thing everyday. There can be no more waiting and putting off things that need to get completed.

What is it that is adding friction into your daily routine? What is draining your energy, and causing you to burn more fuel to complete less work?

PS… this post is only 385 words. But, that’s okay. Tomorrow will be better.