How do you quickly explain who you are on a website? I’ve always struggled with this. The most creative and effective way I have seen is through writing a personal manifesto. While I have a hard time putting this out there, and I started writing mine almost two years ago it is time to just be comfortable with who I am. Also, since we are in constant flux and change in life I reserve the right to update this from time to time. What is your manifesto?


Chris Kiefer’s Manifesto:

Husband. Father. Businessman.

Fail Fast. Fail Big. Fail Often.

You will not meet anyone who love criticism more than me.

I love fear.

Bold is better than safe.

Work-life integration is the key to happiness

I believe God created everyone for a specific purpose.

Intellectual conversation exhilarates me.

I love writing and hate editing.

I love speaking with my face, and I love reading with my ears.

God created nature for us to enjoy it, so get outside and be in it.

I’m Catholic, and I’m trying to become the best version of myself.

I come from a big family and I want to make it bigger.

Knowledge powers growth.

Growth wins every time.

Complaining kills.

Ideas are worthless. Execution is the game.

Success is being at peace with the journey while continually helping those around you dream bigger and act more boldly.