• If you want to be rich hang out with millionaires.
  • If you want to finish an Ironman, train with athletes that have completed ten of them.
  • If you want to inspire others, surround yourself with inspiration.

These statements are not groundbreaking, the thinking is not new, and it is not difficult to understand. People have been saying this for centuries. But, it is crazy that so few people take this to heart. I have also heard that you can paint a pretty good picture of a person by looking at the 5 people they spend the most time with. We are the average of the people we associate with. Think about it, take the five people you spend the most time with. You probably make about the same amount of money as them, you probably live in about the same size house, you probably hold similar beliefs, and you probably have similar aspirations for life.

My goal is to be the best CEO in the country. I have had a hard time claiming this up until recently because I was very concerned with sounding arrogant or cocky. But, I have realized that we all have to be comfortable speaking about what we want to become, and we need to talk about it often. If I want to be the best CEO in the country then I need to surround myself with the best leaders that I currently have in my network. I recently was made aware of a group called the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). It is a group that is exclusively for Owners and CEOs (that have a 50% stake in the business) of businesses that are over $1 million in revenue per year.

When I heard of this group, I immediately wanted to be a part of the group. It is legitimately the exact group of people that I need to spend time with if I’m trying to grow the business, and improve my leadership ability. The only problem is that our three-year-old business is not over $1 million in revenue. Which is not surprising especially when you consider that only 4% of all businesses every reach $1 million in revenue. So to help more businesses (like mine) reach that level they have created the EO Accelerator program for businesses that are over $250k in revenue. The Accelerator program provides a set of very useful tools and accountability to help business owners make their businesses more efficient and focus services to help them scale.

I just applied for the accelerator program last week, and I am taking on the challenge of getting our business to $1 million in revenue this year (although they give you up to three years to do it). The entire organization is built on the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influencers in your life. It is a tried and true system, and EO allows business owners to surround themselves with other business owners that are striving to grow their businesses.