I read in an online article that Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook sets yearly challenges for himself. Last year he decided to read one book every two weeks. Another time (legend has it) that he learned to speak Chinese in preparation for a meeting with the Chinese President. This year however, he has decided to build his own artificial intelligence system for his home. Something that can assist with turning on lights, control the climate, lock the doors, make coffee and other things.

When I first heard this I was surprised. Why would the founder of facebook, and a billionaire be “wasting” his time trying to develop something like that? Why doesn’t he just buy a system, or pay someone to make it for him? He has plenty of money.

After reflecting on this for a while, I realized that this shouldn’t be surprising that one of the most successful and driven people of our time is constantly looking for ways to challenge himself. It is this internal drive to constantly grow and challenge himself that got Mark Zuckerberg to where he is now. It is foolish of me to think that this drive is something that we would “decide” to stop doing. This drive is a part of him. I think that it is a similar internal motor that motivated people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. People like this aren’t seeking comfort. They aren’t working really hard so that they can reach a certain amount of money and then retire and sit by the pool. They are the ones that have realized that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Thinking about all of this caused me to reflect on my current lifestyle and daily habits. I have always been someone to work for hours and hours. In the last six months at SkEye I have been trying to remove myself from the production tasks. My thinking is that there are other tasks that are more important for me to be working on. The most important is probably establishing the vision and direction of the company. But, today I think I realized that while I do need to have those things be a priority for me. I must always strive to keep my hands in the dirt (Just like Gary Vaynerchuk says when he talks about the importance of living in the clouds and the dirt). If I remove myself completely from the dirty work I will risk losing the edge that got me to where I am. I think this is even more critical in today’s world. Technology is changing so rapidly that if I fall out of touch with the computers and processing of digital content I will certainly grow old and out of style very fast.

So, my solution to this was today at our daily stand-up I asked permission to take on the virtual reality/360 degree video that our company is working on. I am very interested in this up and coming field, and I think that it is important for me to be in the dirt on this one as we create our first ever 360 degree video. Stay tuned.