Heated discussion and radical thinking

There are several things that I love in life: God, my wife, debates/heated discussion, and radical ideas.

This last week at our weekly team meeting I said something that people in our office vehemently disagreed with. The statement that I made was straight from Gary Vaynerchuk and his book, #AskGaryVee. Here is the snippet directly from the audiobook:

Gary Vaynerchuk

#AskGaryVee – “99% of the stuff you do everyday doesn’t matter”

I guess it is important to put the reason I said this into context. I was talking about perfection in the office and striving for that. In preparation for the Dental speech that I gave last night, I had gotten more and more excited, but I also began putting a little bit of pressure on myself to make sure I did a really good job. It was comforting to me to remember this phrase in my preparation. The bottomline is that nearly everything that I do everyday doesn’t matter, so why am I stressing about it? Why do I need put all of this unnecessary pressure on myself to get it perfect. If I do a fantastic job or if I do terrible job, IT DOESN’T MATTER.

If nothing matters, then why do anything?

Now the next argument, “well if it doesn’t matter then why are you doing it in the first place? This is a great point, but to me this is analogous to writing a book, blog post, or paper. I think that 99% of the content in it doesn’t matter. For example, you could take out nearly any sentence in this post and I still would be able to deliver the same message, and convey the same point. What this doesn’t mean is that the fact that I wrote the post doesn’t matter. Writing the post is actually incredibly important. Me speaking at the dental study club last night was incredibly important.

If I were to take this idea and make it my own I would say that what it comes down to for me is:

99% of the stuff you do every day doesn’t matter, but 100% of the stuff you do every day matters!

Shorter still I would say:

Nothing matters, and everything matters.

Clearly that it is a direct contradiction. But, I think it still rings very true to me. I believe that there is a level of transcendence that needs to happen to fully appreciate and understand the statement. Any individual task throughout the day is insignificant when compared to the greater whole. However, if you were to take all the tasks out of the day you would have done nothing. Lastly, there are two things that I want to make sure I drive home.

I am not saying:

  • You shouldn’t try to do your best work.
  • Don’t take pride in your work.
  • You role or job is insignificant.
  • Give up and don’t pursue anything.

What I am saying is:

  • Repetition and actually doing is the best way to learn.
  • Failure is the best way to grow.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • “Speed trumps everything!” – Gary Vaynerchuk

In closing, my words of inspiration for all of you haters out there: try hard, do your best, but at the end of the day remember that tomorrow you will have a chance to be better than you were today.